TBG series. The best of evolution in gas burners

Thanks to the ongoing work of its R&D team, Baltur now offers the market a new line of gas burners characterized by a complete selection and top level technical properties. Available in single-stage, two-stage, and two-stage progressive/modulating versions with electronic and pneumatic control of the air to gas ratio, Baltur's TBG burners are the perfect response to the needs of an evolving market which is increasingly aware of consumption.

Available in single-stage and two-stage versions in series P, TBG burners meet all the requirements of EU standards imposed under standards EN676 and EN 303, as they are CE approved and suitable for use in furnaces of all kinds.

The new line's best features include high ventilation power, low electrical absorption and low noise levels; above all, it is important to underline the great respect for the environment that Baltur has demonstrated in its company mission for some time, reflected in its TBG burners with their new combustion head featuring partial recirculation of combusted gases and low NOx emissions, certified in class II.

Made of light die-cast aluminium alloy, the burner can open either way for convenient access to the combustion head with the burner assembled on it, and a sliding flange for connection with the generator to adapt the protuberance of the head to different types of heat generators.

In order to continue improving product safety and control, the new Baltur line also features a system of electronic command and control devices compliant with standard EN298, with detection of anomalies in functioning, and a control panel complete with a synoptic operating panel featuring indicator lights, an on/off switch and a burner shutdown button.

Other particular features of the TBG include:

  • Comburent air inlet with a special insert made of sound-absorbent material, designed to ensure optimal linearity of the air lock opening;
  • Flame detection by means of an ionizer electrode;
  • Intelligent, error-proof connections between the burner and the ignition train;
  • Burner ignition train complete with operating and safety valve, minimum pressure switch, pressure control and gas filter.

TBG series. The best of evolution in gas burners

Date 20/11/2010


Sodex 2014 Istanbul

It has ended with success the trade show event named Sodex 2014 which was held in Istanbul from May 7th to 10th.


A Baltur thermal group for a 14000 people shower solution

Thanks to the thermal group composed by the Trenox 700 boiler and the BT 75 burner, 14000 people could have a shower after an orienteering event in Sweden on 12-13 October.


Baltur achieved the highest company reliability rating

Baltur obtains the certification "Cribis D and B - Rating 1", the highest evaluation of financial reliability for a firm.

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