PYR Series for incinerators

PYR incinerator burners are the result of our long-standing expertise and experience in the industrial sector.
This special technological solution, specially designed to meet a specific set of technical requirements, proved to be quite a challenge for all the participating companies.
The plant consists of two refractory ovens, belonging to two solid urban waste incineration lines, and is intended to produce electricity.

Two PYR 8 GR units (15 MW each) are installed in each combustion chamber of each kiln.
The burners, which run on natural gas, are used both to start up the kiln and maintain combustion at reduced loads.

Adjustable-flame burners are particularly suitable for these applications as they allow, via adjustment of flame geometry, minimisation of the impact on the refractory lining.

The combination of burning refuse and a refractory lining generates very high temperatures in the oven combustion chamber and this can damage the burners during pauses. To prevent overheating of the entire combustion head mixing section the PYR has an automatic fuel atomisation unit retraction device and a guillotine-type combustion head shutter made of refractory material. This automatic heat shield device is activated every time the burner shuts down.

The burner fans are controlled by inverters: these minimise energy consumption, provide a wide adjustment range and run at low noise levels (with medium-low loads).

The new flame detection system

The simultaneous presence of multiple flames inside the same combustion chamber (i.e. flames produced by burning refuse and the flames from the two opposing burners) requires the use of special frequency variation flame sensors. These special sensors feature electronic self-monitoring systems and are able to distinguish burner flames from those generated by waste burning inside the incinerator. This solution ensures that the incinerator is run according to the highest standards of safety and reliability.

PYR Series for incinerators

Date 5/12/2009


Sodex 2014 Istanbul

It has ended with success the trade show event named Sodex 2014 which was held in Istanbul from May 7th to 10th.


A Baltur thermal group for a 14000 people shower solution

Thanks to the thermal group composed by the Trenox 700 boiler and the BT 75 burner, 14000 people could have a shower after an orienteering event in Sweden on 12-13 October.


Baltur achieved the highest company reliability rating

Baltur obtains the certification "Cribis D and B - Rating 1", the highest evaluation of financial reliability for a firm.

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