New Two-Stage Gas Burners in Class III with Built-in Inverter

With years of experience and compliance with increasingly strict regulations regarding reduction of emissions and energy consumption, Baltur has continued on the path of innovation for which it stands out, redesigning and repositioning on the market a number of burner lines allowing it to acquire an important new share of the market.

The last in this series of studies is the company's new Two-Stage Gas Burners with Built-in Inverters.

It is significant that the Inverter uses a true “drive control" developed and patented by Baltur for two-stage and modulating burner motors.

Conforming to:

  • Gas directive 90/396/CEE
  • E.M.C. directive 89/336/CEE
  • L.V. directive 73/23/CEE
  • Reference standard: EN676

Product benefits:

  • Major energy savings
  • Easy use and start-up
  • Excellent price to performance ratio

New Two-Stage Gas Burners in Class III with Built-in Inverter

Date 28/3/2011


Sodex 2014 Istanbul

It has ended with success the trade show event named Sodex 2014 which was held in Istanbul from May 7th to 10th.


A Baltur thermal group for a 14000 people shower solution

Thanks to the thermal group composed by the Trenox 700 boiler and the BT 75 burner, 14000 people could have a shower after an orienteering event in Sweden on 12-13 October.


Baltur achieved the highest company reliability rating

Baltur obtains the certification "Cribis D and B - Rating 1", the highest evaluation of financial reliability for a firm.

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