Baltur flies toward Class A

Baltur is flying "toward Class A", the exhibition area in the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort dedicated to excellence in energy conservation!

MCE 2010 Exhibition Director Massimiliano Pierini has sent us a letter notifying us that our revolutionary TBG 60 ME CO V blown air gas burner has been chosen by the scientific committee of the Expocomfort/Next Energy Show and Convention as an excellent product among those presented and admitted to the "Efficiency & Innovation Path" for participation in the event "Toward Class A", an exhibition area set up with a strong communication power focusing on the concept of energy conservation in Hall 24.

Our product will also be covered in the special article entitled "Toward Class A 2010", published in the March issue of "Progetto Energia" and distributed at the trade fair as well as to its 6000 subscribers.

Lastly, our burner will be featured in the "Guide to the Efficiency & Innovation Path", printed in 50,000 copies and also distributed to MCE visitors.

Baltur flies toward excellence. Efficiently!

Baltur flies toward Class A

Date 9/3/2010


Sodex 2014 Istanbul

It has ended with success the trade show event named Sodex 2014 which was held in Istanbul from May 7th to 10th.


A Baltur thermal group for a 14000 people shower solution

Thanks to the thermal group composed by the Trenox 700 boiler and the BT 75 burner, 14000 people could have a shower after an orienteering event in Sweden on 12-13 October.


Baltur achieved the highest company reliability rating

Baltur obtains the certification "Cribis D and B - Rating 1", the highest evaluation of financial reliability for a firm.

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