For Baltur, training is a matter of fundamental importance, both as regards internal resources and as regards the sales force operating in Italy and abroad. Baltur staff are regularly selected to attend refresher courses to maintain their high levels of technical competence and knowledge in the various fields. These also serve as opportunities for personal growth and favour communication and the development of good relations within the company itself.

Every year about 700 Baltur sales network staff attending courses also go to the research laboratories and lecture rooms to improve and update their knowledge of heating and climate control systems. The training programme is complete and detailed, while it is also possible to combine different types of course to optimise the use of participants' time.

The schedule includes, on the heating side, courses on light oil burners, gas-fired and mixed burners, low NOx and CO burners and industrial burners, as well as courses on aspirated wall-mounted, pre-mix and condensing boilers.

There are also specific courses on air conditioning.

At the end of the course each participant receives a file containing details of the theory and an attendance certificate.

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