Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

In Baltur, Research and Development are the tasks of a dynamic team ready to transform the requests of the market into innovative new ideas.

Satisfying the requests of the most demanding customers, solving even the most complex application issues, means paying attention to every detail of construction and coming up with more and more dependable, high performance products.

Research into high performance and advanced technology always gives due consideration to the environment and the need for user-friendly machines.

To achieve these goals, the Baltur team uses CAD 3D systems, structural numerical analysis, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics codes, product configurators, rapid prototyping equipment and laboratories and cutting-edge research and testing facilities for development and testing of new products.

The company's roomy laboratories for development and testing of new burners and boilers are equipped with sophisticated instruments for automated acquisition and processing of the parameters characterizing apparatuses and instrumentation and employ procedures which comply with international product and quality standards.

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