Quality Policy

BALTUR top management, evaluating the current situation on global markets, considers the difficult stage not overcome. Therefore, it commits itself to give support to the company as far as the people working at and with the company are concerned, in order to overcome this difficult period and arrive at a new period of economic recovery.

To this end, BALTUR top management has defined some guidelines to follow:

  • The product shall allow room air-conditioning respecting persons using it and the environment
  • Each customer shall be satisfied with the product as it meets his/her expectations. The customer shall receive adequate support and answers to questions arising during the interaction with BALTUR.
  • Persons working at BALTUR shall feel adequately satisfied even in a difficult period like the current one.
  • Shareholders shall also benefit from the results obtained by the company, in line with the difficult time of the global economic system
  • External collaborators shall be willing to continue their collaboration, identifying in BALTUR products and service successful elements ensuring a promising future.

The Quality Management System put into effect according to Standard ISO 9001:2008 and following amendments, shall allow the Company to reach the above-mentioned goals and more specific goals that are being set.

More specifically, full satisfaction of the customer and stakeholders can be achieved realizing “a product without non-conformities”, implementing “effective and essential processes” and developing at the same time “effective and efficient improvement processes”.

Top management renews the assignment to the Quality Manager so that the Quality Management System is observed in accordance with the statements above. Moreover, the Quality Manager and those working at the Company shall fully commit to achieve the goals as they are being set.

During periodic reviews, Top Management will evaluate the Quality Management System, all elements allowing it to be put into effect and the Quality policy, to identify the most suitable plans to carry out from time to time.

Cento, 29/02/2012

Director-General and CEO

Mr. Riccardo Fava

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