In 1994 Baltur became one of the first Italian companies in its field to obtain certification of its company quality system under UNI EN ISO 9001 standards. Adoption of total quality programs gave form to the company's philosophy of attaining value for its customers through process and product quality management systems.

Certified process quality
All processes are codified by procedures guaranteeing quality: design, purchasing, production, inspection and testing, sales and post-sales assistance. In 2003 Baltur adopted the ISO 9001:2000 management system (known to the public under the name Vision 2000), which further focuses attention on all company processes. In 2009 Baltur's quality management obtained certification of ISO 9001:2008 conformity, implementing the activities it has always carried out along with marketing of systems for production of solar thermal energy.

ISO 9001 Certificate Download ISO 9001 Certificate

Certified product quality
In the late ’90s Baltur obtained Production Quality Assurance in relation to the Conformity of the Tested Sample from the German certifying body DVGW, in accordance with Gas Directive 90/396/EEC and Boiler Performance Directive 92/42/EC, a procedure offering customers a guarantee of security as they are buying a product tested by TÜV of Cologne and approved on the basis of strict standards imposed by the European Commission. All this meant obtaining a series of EC Certificates for all product families.

As for approval outside Europe, for years Baltur has been certifying its burners with ZIK in Croatia, GOST in Russia and TSE in Turkey, as well as Ukrainian certification for all burners and condensation boilers.

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